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Voice Control



What is XOUNTS UP?

XOUNTS UP is the perfect blend of 360° – stereo sound, personalized design, atmospheric light and wireless multimedia-based networking. It is easily controlled from nearly all devices such as smartphone, tablet, radio, TV, Powerbank and USB. All of these can be connected using Bluetooth, Apple TV or Apple Airplay and many other streaming services.


XOUNTS UP –The Powerhouse

XOUNTS UP leaves no wishes unfulfilled when it comes to music enjoyment, thanks to two 20 watt flat panel Exciter within the pyramid’s sound body, the 6.5 inch long and 40 watt strong subwoofer. This powerful subwoofer within the sound base is responsible for the deep tones and the full bass. A perfect 360°-sound emerges from the spacious sound body, which resonates due to a built in Exciter. The main benefit being that you’ll only need one XOUNTS UP to achieve a top stereo effect. Further information regarding frequencies, AMP SPL curves, sizes and technical specs can be found here.

Room size:60qm
Summary:Free-standing, 360° Stereo Sound
Exciter:Flat Panel Technologie 2 x 20 watt
Bass:Subwoofer 40 Watt, 6.5 Inches
Frequency range:25 Hz – 30 kHz
Net weight:5,7 – 6,2 kg
Dimensions in cm:103 (H) x 39 (B) x 39 (T)


XOUNTS UP - The multitalent

XOUNTS UP is everybody’s darling! It is compatible with all modern technologies such as Bluetooth, USB , Apple Airplay/TV, Google Play or Gramophone, and all audio devices (such as smartphones, tablets, TV or radios). Your XOUNTS will blend in seemlessly with your particular network system. This multitalent transforms your living room into a unique cinema experience with the help of Apple TV and allows you to play your favorite music for example via Bluetooth or USB-stick.



XOUNTS UP – The All-Rounder

In summer it’s finally time! The development of the ALEXA integration for the XOUNTS UP has been completed and the production is up and running. XOUNTS is one of the first multi-room systems in which the language control module Alexa from Amazon can easily be integrated. Thanks to voice control it will be possible to communicate with XOUNTS UP. From the comfort of your sofa, you can control light, sound and music. Voice control is activated by saying the name Alexa and immediately followed by a command. “Alexa, play reggae music from Spotify!“ or “Alexa, turn down the volume!” Do you want to know how the weather will be or the exact time? Simply ask Alexa! Ask XOUNTS UP! The XOUNTS Voice Control Kit includes an Amazon Echo dot, a XOUNTS mount and a cable that connects your XOUNTS UP and Alexa. DONE!

Preorder now your XOUNTS UP with a Design of your choice and Voice Control Kit



XOUNTS UP - the luminous miracle

Whether you enjoy a mild summer night on your porch or a comfy evening on your sofa, the right lighting will add charm to your home and enchant you. XOUNTS UP optional multicolor lighting will create a feel-good ambiance that will transform your home into a colorful space! If you already own multicolor lighting, such as Philips Hue or LifX, you can easily use this with your XOUNTS UP.



XOUNTS UP - The design favorite

The age of ugly, black monster-speaker has come to an end! While developing the XOUNTS UP our main focus was a unique design. The obelisk is available in 2 colors (B/W) and the handcrafted outer shell, the Style Cover, can be personalized. You can pick your favorite Style from more than 50 designs in our extensive XOUNTS collection. Or you can be creative and design your own favorite XOUNTS UP. It doesn’t matter which design you choose. Whether it is last holiday’s picture, your own illustration or simply the same color fabric as your beloved sofa, the freedom of choice is yours!

Just take a picture of the design you want!

Email it to

We will create your Style Cover and send it to your home.

Replacing the Style Cover is super easy!

Xounts up


Style Cover

XOUNTS UP looks and sounds great in every living room, but it also transforms every patio into a stylish lounge...

Borris Brandt Managing Director AIDA Entertainment

I've created my own XOUNTS-Design and can finally say, that I own the sound system I have always wanted! It looks amazing and sounds amazing!

Birte Robinson Graphic designer from Hamburg

I love XOUNTS UP. The idea, sound, design, light and technology which make XOUNTS what it is, are incredibly innovative and have completely convinced me and my wife!

Jan-Peter Busch Managing Director ATC